This past week, I had an opportunity to do something that I have never done in thirty-six years. I was able to visit four different ministries in the Valley. This allowed me to have the freedom to visit a few churches that we had a little part in helping get started. It was such a blessing to see that God is definitely moving in what we know as “Sin City.”

Southern Hills Baptist Church

This past Sunday at 8:00 am, I attended the early service of Southern Hills Baptist Church. This church has three services each morning. They are in a series called Celebration. Last week, their theme was “Celebrate Salvation”. This week, it is “Celebrate Baptism.” Next week, it will be “Celebrate Church Membership”. I believe they told me that over twenty people received Christ last week, and this week, they will be baptizing well over thirty-five people. God is truly working at Southern Hills Baptist Church.

Liberty Baptist Church 

At 9:30 am, I went to the service at Liberty Baptist Church and had the opportunity of hearing Pastor Matthew Teis preach. He is doing a three-week series called Heart4Service. The focus  was to get 10,000 fliers into the community inviting them to our Easter drama “The Risen King.” This week at our monthly family soul winning  215 people came out to go door knocking and be involved in outreach. This coming Saturday, there will be a community outreach event where Liberty Baptist Church will be able to give the Gospel to our community again. During the 11:00 am service, I was able to go back to the children’s ministry and I watched as Pastor Neal Berkey gave the Gospel to young people. I watched as one young person trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. It was wonderful to see God work in both our children and adult services here at Liberty Baptist Church. God has also allowed us to have a radio program on K-Wave 98.1 FM every day from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm. We are praying that soon God will allow us to have a twenty-four hour live broadcast station.

Mountain View Baptist Church 

On Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to go to the 5:00 pm service at Mountain View Baptist Church. When I walked in, I was thrilled to find that this church also had a community outreach event taking place. Their theme was Love Reaches Out. Pastor Matt Smith spoke briefly from Matthew 5:16 and challenged the entire church to spend that evening after the message reaching out to others. There were five different methods of outreach that were made available:

  1. Feed the homeless
  2. Do some random act of kindness
  3. Hand out Gospel tracts in their neighborhood
  4. Witness to others at a park
  5. Give the Gospel to public servants

Around 5:30 pm, everyone went out into the community to reach people with the Gospel. I thank God for Pastor Matt Smith and his determination to reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lighthouse Baptist Church 

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go to Lighthouse Baptist Church. Lighthouse Baptist Church is fifteen years old and God has blessed them with a beautiful facility. I had never been in the facility and it was my first opportunity to actually be in a service with Pastor Ernie Carillo. Pastor Carillo preached a great message encouraging people to be faithful to go out and tell others about Jesus Christ. As I was driving to Henderson to Brother Carillo’s church, I was thinking about thirty-six years ago standing on the side of the road at the edge of our city saying, “Lord, please let us reach this city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Now, there are in this city some great Gospel preaching churches.

Besides these four churches there are also a few others that come to mind. In Henderson, NV there is Oasis Baptist Church led by Pastor Aaron Flanagan and First Baptist Church with Pastor Andy Thompson. Choice Hills Baptist Church with Pastor Bob Brewer and Great Commission Baptist Church which is a Spanish Baptist church In the Northeast. Gateway Baptist Church, the church that Liberty Baptist Church started out of thirty-six years ago, is led by Pastor Ellis. In Pahrump there is Choice Hills Baptist Church with Pastor Carl England and in the Southwest area of town there is Canyon Springs Baptist Church with Pastor Steve Wess. Each of these churches are solid, Bible-believing Baptist churches. God has raised up other men in this valley who are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is doing a work here in Las Vegas.

2014 is a great year for Las Vegas. Pray for these pastors, and for other men that are not mentioned in this article, that God will continue to bless and that His light might shine in this dark city of sin.