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My desire is to inspire you to do kingdom work by providing you with practical wisdom, biblical truths, and quality resources. Let’s partner together to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

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Summer Tour 

July 22- 24

Pastor Josh Massaro

July 29-31
Pastor Scott Wendal

August 5-7
Todd Vanaman

August 12-14
Pastor Gregory Davis

August 19-21
Pastor Robb Redlin

Fall Tour

September 23-25
Brian Pattison

September 30-October 2
Tate Throndson

October 7-9
Chris Rule

October 14-16
Ray McCormic

October 21-23
Josh McGee

October 28-30
John Mendoza

November 4-6
Jonathan Fountain


Winter Tour

January 30 – Feb 1
Idea Day Summit

February 3-5
Randy Jackson

February 10-12
Ryan Livingston

February 19-22
Kerry Feathers

February 24-26
Mychael Eikenberry

March 10-12
Erik Hastings

Summer Tour

July 14-16
Timothy Helm

July 24-29
Eric Herb

July 30
Paul Oatsvall

August 11-13
Andrew Stensaas

August 20
Micah Ray

Fall Tour

September 15-17

September 22-24
Morris Henriquez 

September 29- October 1
Donny Wilson

October 6-8
Brandon Walters 

October 13-15
Stephen Monroe

October 20-22
Chad Matheny 

October 27-29
Ryan Thompson

About Dr Teis

A little about my family
Las Vegas is my home. My parents moved here before I was born so this valley in the middle of the desert is where God placed me from my earliest memory. My parents knew Christ and made deliberate attempts to raise us in church, but the churches we attended through my childhood were weak in doctrine.


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