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A little about my family

Las Vegas is my home. My parents moved here before I was born. This valley, in the middle of the desert, is where God placed me from my earliest memory. My parents knew Christ and made deliberate attempts to raise me in church, but the churches we attended through my childhood were weak in doctrine.

When I was only ten years old, my father died and my life drastically changed. I was now fatherless, growing up in Las Vegas, being raised by a single mom. At 16 years old, I heard the preaching of a young, charismatic preacher named Dave Wilkerson. That night I gave my life to Christ, but never understood the necessity of salvation.

I attended a public high school and tried to live for God in the flesh. I had a burden to start a Christian high school so other young believers would not have to experience the struggles I faced as a teenager. At that time, Jerry Falwell Sr. sent out a letter introducing Lynchburg Baptist College. I took that as God’s leading to train for ministry in Virginia. In my freshmen year I trusted the gospel message.

That same year in college, I met my wife, Anna. We served in youth ministry together during our final two years of school. After graduation from college, we moved to Las Vegas in the summer of 1977. September 11, 1977, was the opening day of our church. We saw sixty-three people in attendance and celebrated that two souls trusted Christ as Savior.

forty-six years later and God’s miraculous provision and power continue to amaze me. God has used our church to share the gospel with multitudes. We have seen thousands of souls trust Christ. God has also graciously provided us with a church campus worth millions of dollars in property and buildings.

Our church exists to help others find hope that only a relationship with Christ brings. If you do not know for sure you are going to Heaven, or need help in any way please feel free to contact me.


Dave Teis

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