Sharing the Gospel can sometimes be a daunting task even if you have been a believer for many years. Yet, there are many ways that we can share the Gospel without ever meeting the individual. As a pastor, I try to be creative with how I give the good news to those around me. In this blog I give 10 easy ways to share the Gospel. I hope you enjoy!

1. Through Gospel Tracts

Dr. Sumner Wemp, my mentor, was a tremendous influence on me. He constantly encouraged everyone to carry gospel tracts and to use them. I can remember one day a young man asking him, “How do you keep your tracts from being dog eared?” His answer was, “Pass them out.” At Liberty Baptist Church we have produced a tract that says “You Can Know You Are Going to Heaven.” It gives a very simple, basic, straightforward gospel presentation. If you would like a copy of this tract, just write me. I will be happy to send you a copy absolutely free. Sharing the Gospel is as simple as handing somebody a gospel tract. One day I was out walking with Dr. Wemp and I walked by a bus driver, who was leaning up against his bus. Dr. Wemp was about ten paces behind me and when he got up to that bus driver, he slapped that man on the shoulder and asked, “Did he give you one of these?” The bus driver looked shocked and said, “No, he didn’t.” Dr. Wemp replied, “That is because he doesn’t care if you go to Hell or not.” Then he said, “You are looking at a seventy-six year old man who does care about your soul and I want you to go to Heaven. Would you read that?” The young bus driver said, “Yes, sir. I sure will.” Giving the Gospel can be just as easy as that. People know if you care. Let me encourage you to use a gospel tract. In fact, let me challenge you to use a gospel tract today.

2. Invite Someone to Church

Several years ago, I was walking into a junk yard. Behind the counter was a big, gruff guy who was giving orders to all the other guys in the shop. I was with a young friend named Neil. We were looking at some parts for his car. As we were getting ready to leave, I walked up to this man and said, “Hey, can I give you something really good to read?” His response was, “What is it?” I said, “It is an invitation to our church.” He stopped abruptly and said, “Church! What kind of church is it?” I said, “It is a Baptist church.” He said, “I’ve been looking for a Baptist church.” I handed him the tract and left not thinking much about it. Two weeks later, he and his entire family showed up at our church. The following Tuesday evening, I was able to go by his house and lead him, his wife, his mother, and his two sons to Jesus Christ. You may not always have an opportunity to give the full Gospel but you can invite people to church. You would be amazed how often times God will use that. Invite someone to church this week.

3. Leave Tracts in Restaurants

On a Saturday evening, I was going to take a guest speaker from our church to the airport. We stopped off at a Black Bear Restaurant here in Las Vegas. While we were there talking, I needed to use the restroom. I got up, went into the restroom and when I was done I felt impressed to leave a tract in the stall. So, I did. I washed my hands and went back out to the table. The next morning, I was standing in our visitors center at church, when a young couple came walking in. We introduced ourselves to them and they said, “I got to tell you a weird story.” I said, “Tell me.” The wife went on to say, “Last night my husband and I were sitting at a restaurant here in town.  We were talking about how important it was that we go to church but we didn’t know of a church where we could go. So we said, we will just have to start looking. During our conversation, my husband excused himself to go to the restroom. When he came out, he had the strangest look on his face. I said, ‘What is wrong, honey?’ He said, ‘When I went in that restroom, I found this.” He had picked up that gospel tract I had left in that stall. He said to her, “I think we better go to this church.” Leaving gospel tracts in obvious places for others to pick up is a great way to witness even if you are a little intimated. Today, wherever you go, leave a gospel tract. Somebody might read it and find their way to Heaven.

4. Go Door to Door

Once a month, here at Liberty Baptist Church, we have what we call Family Soulwinning. Since we moved to Las Vegas I have always wanted to be able to give the Gospel to every single home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though my knuckles have not knocked on every single door in this valley, at least twice in our church’s thirty-six year history, we have given the Gospel to every single home. I think it is so profitable to go door knocking and to take someone with us who will learn from us how to lead other people to Christ. I can remember of having the privilege of taking my son-in-law, John Gelsthorpe, door to door. We led a man, sitting in a wheelchair out in front of his house, to Jesus Christ. That was the first person he ever saw trust Jesus Christ as his Saviour. This past week, my son-in-law and his wife, my daughter, were at our church and he was able to lead someone to Christ. When my son-in-law met Dr. Sumner Wemp, not too many months before he went to Heaven, he thanked Dr. Wemp with these words, “Dr. Wemp, I want to thank you for teaching my father-in-law how to lead someone to Christ. Because you taught him how to lead people to Christ, he taught me how to lead people to Christ. Now I have had the opportunity of leading many people to Christ.” That is a legacy that is eternal.

Determine to teach those around you to lead others to Christ.

5. Get Involved in Your Church’s Outreach

Every Saturday morning and every Tuesday evening, our church has scheduled soulwinning hours. Last Tuesday, I was late, for our soulwinning meeting. When I walked in there was one visitor’s packet left. I grabbed two of our Summer Missionaries and the packet and went with them to make a visit. When we knocked on Marell’s door, he enthusiastically greeted us and invited us in. I was able to share with him the Gospel and he received Christ. A few moments later, the women of the house arrived, and we talked to her. She received Jesus Christ. What a thrill it was to welcome them into the family of God. That would not have taken place if we did not have planned time in our church to go out and share the Gospel. This has been a very busy week, but because I had that scheduled time for soulwinning, we went and they trusted Christ. It is important that we be involved in the soulwinning program in our church.

6. Take a Gift to Your Neighbor

My wife, my daughters, and I have knocked on all fifty-seven doors in our gated community several times inviting people to visit Liberty Baptist Church. A couple of years ago, I went across the street with a lemon meringue pie and gave it to one of our neighbors just to let them know we care. We also wanted to invite them to Liberty Baptist Church. Not too long after that, there was a tragedy in their family and not too long after that, they visited with us at Liberty Baptist Church. They came and heard the Gospel because we were kind to them as neighbors and because we took them a gift along with a gospel tract. This is an excellent way to witness to your neighbors. I encourage you to try that even today.  Give someone the gift of Eternal Life.

7. Send Tracts When You Pay Bills

Each month when I sit down to pay my bills I go to the front door, pick up some tracts, and place a one in the envelope of every bill that I pay. This is a great way to get the Gospel to people. If the utility companies can send me all their junk, or if the department stores send me all their advertisements, then why should I not take time to send the Gospel. It cost me absolutely nothing and it is a great opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the free gift of Jesus Christ. While you pay your bills this month, if you use the mail system, let me encourage you to put a gospel tract in with each payment and pray that God will use it to touch the life of the person who opens that envelope.

8. Sunday Afternoon Soul Winning

One of the leadership requirements we have here at Liberty Baptist Church is soul winning. We tell every pastor, every deacon, and every staff member that if they are going to lead at Liberty Baptist Church they need to lead in the area of outreach.  One of our deacons isn’t able to make it on a Saturday or a Tuesday but he did want to be involved in outreach so on Sunday afternoon after church they would go get lunch and then together as a family tell others about Jesus Christ. What a great thing to do. It is important to teach your children the importance of caring for others and learning to enjoy this spiritual activity together as a family.

9. Give the Gospel at Funerals

One of the greatest opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the funeral of a friend or a loved one. During this time of loss people are naturally thinking about eternity. The Bible is very clear about those who have gone on before us. They want us to tell their friends and loved ones about Jesus Christ. We read this in the story of the rich man who went to Hell in Luke 16. Of course, it is very important that we be sensitive to the emotional stress that the family and friends are under at that time. However, the greatest thing you can do for anyone who has a loved one that has passed away is share with them that they can know they are going to Heaven. Do not let this opportunity pass. I have seen literally dozens of people trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour after preaching a funeral message with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are invited to speak, give a testimony, or just pray at a funeral, make sure you share the Gospel so that others can have a hope of Heaven.

10. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Weddings

A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to give the Gospel. With very few variations, every time I preach a wedding, I give the exact same message. I talk to the husband and tell him as a husband they have the great privilege of representing the love of Jesus Christ. I tell them that Christ loved us as His bride. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater gift that you can give to the bride and groom, but to give their friends and loved ones, who may not come to church any other time, the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do not miss this great opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel at every wedding that you are involved in.

Let me know what you think! What are some methods that you use that are effective?