Christmas is all about Jesus Christ

December 14, 2014, will be an exciting day here at Liberty Baptist Church. On that day, we will celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ by presenting a musical celebration entitled, “The Ultimate Gift.” We want to remind the world of the real meaning of  Christmas. The word Christmas means “the coming forth of […]

The Dividing Line

Today, it seems that everyone, whether saved or unsaved, wants to be accepted for what they are doing in their lives. Tolerance is the new big thing to do and if you aren’t then you are the intolerant one. Fortunately, God gives us some instructions of what we are and are not to tolerate. I

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How to Forgive

The Apostle Peter is someone in the Bible that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s his “ready, fire, aim” mentality or the things that he says that sometimes gets him into awkward circumstances, everyone has been there. There are times though that Peter really wants to know what the Lord would have him to do

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Serving the King

What a great God we serve! Not just every week but in almost every service people are trusting Christ as their Savior! Two weeks ago, I was sitting in our New Members Class with two very dear people, we went through a lesson called, “What We Believe about Salvation and Why.” At the end of

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