It should be troubling to any American to read according to Real Clear Politics that our congressional approval rating is at 14.2%. We the people of the United States should do everything we can to change that approval rating. Whether you agree with your congressional representative’s political persuasion or not, you should be glad that they are there and they should know that you support the institution that they are a part of. Congress has always balanced the power of the presidency.

It is obvious if you have watched the news lately that our lower house of congress is under attack. Congressional representatives are being made to feel, by the Washington elite, that they are insignificant and unimportant in governing this nation. It is absolutely essential that we the people of the United States reassert the importance and the value of our lower house of congress. The lower house of congress was designed by the founders of our nation to represent the grass roots of America.

What can we do to support this valuable institution?

Here are several suggestions:

  1. Find out who your congressional representative is.
  2. Pray for them daily.
  3. Call your congressional representative’s office. Say you are for him and that you are praying for him or her- write him a letter or email him saying the same thing.
  4. Talk positive about your congressional representatives.
  5. Call talk shows and say that you stand behind the congress.
  6. If your congressional representative does something you approve of let them know.

– If your congressional representative does something that you do not approve of, write them to let them know you appreciate their concern for your country but   you disagree with this particular vote.

  7.  When you are called by a polling agency and asked what you think of congress, say you are 100% behind them, no matter how they frame the question.

– When our congressional representatives go to Washington DC, they are referred to as freshman, if they are new to congress. They are belittled and demeaned and they are told they have the lowest approval rating of any political leader. They are threatened and pushed to compromise their positions in order to gain approval with the Washington elite. If they do not know the people of their districts are standing behind them, they will easily bend to the political pressure that they face day after day, in Washington DC.  This is why it is absolutely important and essential that we the people let our congressional representatives know that we are behind them.

This week, two representatives from our church will be meeting with members of our congressional delegation in Washington DC, presenting them with Bibles from Liberty Baptist Church. We want them to know that we are for them and want them to continue to do the job that we believe God has ordained them to do. If you want to maintain the form of government we have and protect our freedoms then let me encourage you to do everything you can to stand behind our congress.

Please send this message to everyone you know. May God bless our efforts.


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