Want to Have a Radio Ministry? Come to SLC2016 (Video)

by | May 5, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

This past year, God has allowed our church to start a low powered FM station in Las Vegas called Experience Liberty Radio 101.1FM.  (Available 24/7 in the Las Vegas area and on the web at KVXL101.com.)  When we started putting the programming together we contacted several ministries to get solid, Bible-believing, expository preaching from like minded Christians and were surprised how few ministries actually produced edited programming that would work for radio.

I mentioned this to some other Pastor’s that I fellowship with and when talking with Pastor Paul Chappell from Lancaster Baptist Church, we thought it would be a good idea to teach other preacher’s how to edit their programs.  Since the Spiritual Leadership Conference is coming up in June, he asked me to put together a session to help train Pastor’s and ministry workers how to edit sermons to produce a broadcast worthy radio program.

If you happen to be coming to the conference, I encourage you to stop by my session where I will tell you how to set this up for your ministry!  Let’s see God use the radio waves for His glory!

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