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As a parent, do you ever worry that it may be impossible in today’s culture to raise children who love God?

In 1977, I moved to Las Vegas to plant a church in the city where I grew up. Among all the “usual” fears, questions, and concerns a young couple beginning ministry together would experience, my wife an I also grappled with questions related to raising a family in the place infamously known as “Sin City.” Well-meaning friends even cautioned against it. But we knew this was God’s leading in our lives. We saw a city with people who needed Christ, and we knew that if God’s principles for raising children were true, they could work anywhere — even in Sin City.
What you will discover in these pages are Bible principles for reaching a child’s heart and building a strong family even in a challenging culture.

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You, God and Barack Obama

Throughout the Bible, we are told to pray. We are told to pray for those who we like and those who we don't like. We are told to pray in the good times and the bad and to give thanks for those times. A Christian must be a praying Christian. Yet, for all the times that...

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How to Forgive – Pt.2

Last week we talked about how forgiveness is an act of our will and not a feeling. We also learned that forgiveness comes through surrender to God. We must not let bitterness take hold on our lives. If we do, it will severely harm us. Today, we will see some practical...

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How to Forgive

The Apostle Peter is someone in the Bible that everyone can relate to. Whether it's his "ready, fire, aim" mentality or the things that he says that sometimes gets him into awkward circumstances, everyone has been there. There are times though that Peter really wants...

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Support Your Congressman

It should be troubling to any American to read according to Real Clear Politics that our congressional approval rating is at 14.2%. We the people of the United States should do everything we can to change that approval rating. Whether you agree with your congressional...

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Is Prayer Really Practical?

Sometimes in life we can pray for a very long time and not see an answer. God does not always answer when and how we think He should. When this happens we can begin to doubt whether or not praying is the right thing to do. Earlier this week, I received a letter from a...

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Filled up and Satisfied

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote a song in 1965, that became very popular by the Rolling Stones, called “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” It’s not only bad English but it is a bad life when one lives to satisfy the flesh. When true satisfaction can only come with...

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For 40 years, I have had the privilege of pastoring the wonderful people at Liberty Baptist Church in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am honored that you have chosen to visit my blog, and I hope you find the resources beneficial to your walk with God.

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