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As a parent, do you ever worry that it may be impossible in today’s culture to raise children who love God?

In 1977, I moved to Las Vegas to plant a church in the city where I grew up. Among all the “usual” fears, questions, and concerns a young couple beginning ministry together would experience, my wife an I also grappled with questions related to raising a family in the place infamously known as “Sin City.” Well-meaning friends even cautioned against it. But we knew this was God’s leading in our lives. We saw a city with people who needed Christ, and we knew that if God’s principles for raising children were true, they could work anywhere — even in Sin City.
What you will discover in these pages are Bible principles for reaching a child’s heart and building a strong family even in a challenging culture.

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Remembering the Days of Rest

Exodus 20:8-10 The Hebrew word for “remember” actually means to “mark” or “set aside.” The Israelites didn’t need to be told to “remember” the sabbath, because all nations had been keeping time in weeks ever since creation (Genesis 2:13). (Note the references to the...

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The Dividing Line

Today, it seems that everyone, whether saved or unsaved, wants to be accepted for what they are doing in their lives. Tolerance is the new big thing to do and if you aren't then you are the intolerant one. Fortunately, God gives us some instructions of what we are and...

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What is it like on the other side?

In the past six months, many dear friends and family members have gone to Heaven. When this takes place people always have questions like, “What really happens when someone dies?” “What is Heaven like?” “Do people go directly to Heaven or is there a time when the soul...

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Is Christian Education Worth the Cost?

The education of our children is a grave responsibility for every parent. For years, Anna and I have counseled Christian parents to either home school their children or to have them in a quality Christian school. I tell people that one of the primary reasons our...

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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Beginning in the month of January at Liberty Baptist Church we started to pray for some very specific things. This was by no means something that we could have done in our own strength. We totally relied on God and asked Him to do what only He could.  It is now April,...

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For 40 years, I have had the privilege of pastoring the wonderful people at Liberty Baptist Church in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am honored that you have chosen to visit my blog, and I hope you find the resources beneficial to your walk with God.

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