Is Prayer Really Practical?

Sometimes in life we can pray for a very long time and not see an answer. God does not always answer when and how we think He should. When this happens we can begin to doubt whether or not praying is the right thing to do. Earlier this week, I received a letter from a father that was a direct answer to his sons’ prayers. 

Dear Pastor,

I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Las Vegas, in January 2013. I was there visiting my son and his family, Christian Garcie.

On my second night there, I woke up in the middle of the night saying, “I did not want to die yet.” I was so loud I woke my wife up. Like all dreams, I do not know why I said what I said, but my wife did. She said God was telling me it was time for me to be saved. On the third day I was there, I took my son and my granddaughter, Kiana, to Wal-Mart. While we were shopping, my granddaughter stopped me and said, “Grandpa, are you saved?”  This caught me off guard. I said, “I do not think I’m saved.” She said I need to be saved and follow God’s way if I want to go to Heaven.

I went home and did a lot of thinking about what had happened these last few days. I told my son I was a Christian because I go to church every Sunday. He said, “Going to church does not make you a Christian. Just like going to the airport does not make you a pilot, following God’s way will.” Boy was I wrong. I needed to follow God’s way. I went to church with my son and his family and the pastor asked, “If anyone needed to be saved to raise their hand.” So, I raised my hand and got saved at your church. What a great feeling I had.

“Pastor, I have stage four cancer with no cure in sight. That is what the doctors told me.”

I returned to Florida and went to my doctor. I was scheduled to have a PET scan done. Before they did the PET scan, I had five tumors on my liver and three on my lungs. The following day I received the results of the PET scan and it showed only two tumors on my liver and none on my lungs. This I could not believe. “Is this my PET scan?” I asked. The doctor said yes. Today, I returned to my doctor with my other son, Randy, to make sure I was hearing what the doctor said. My cancer was slowly going away. The doctor informed me that the PET scan was correct and I was doing great. God has answered my prayers, my friends’ and families’ prayers. This was the best news I had received in a long time. I am so glad I went to your church with my family and got saved. To me this was a miracle.


George Cabral

God really does hear and answer prayer. One man prayed earnestly for his father’s salvation. I hope that this is an encouragement!