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The Gospel App

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Several years ago, I had a deep concern for Christians to have a systematic and effective way of sharing the Gospel.  I sat down in my office and put together a small pamphlet called The Gospel Fold.  On the outside of The Gospel Fold is written, “Five things you must know and one thing you must do to get to Heaven.” As you unfold the sheet of paper, it takes you step by step through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The day we unveiled it a young lady took it home and shared it with her grandmother. She had been witnessing to her for two years, but that afternoon her grandmother made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

As we entered the digital age, I realized that many of us have a powerful tool, called a smart phone, right in our pockets.  I was already accustomed to using this device for looking up Bible passages, and various other ministry related apps.  So I asked my staff to put together a digital version of the Gospel Fold in App form.  I am so excited to tell you that it is all finished.  It is called The Gospel App is published by Liberty Baptist Media.  I will give you all of the links below so that you can get this FREE tool for yourself.  But before that, here are 5 ways that I have found to be useful in using this new tool!

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1 – The app is always with me

I have always tried to make it a point to have Gospel tracts on me, wherever I go; but, several times I have either run out of them or simply have misplaced them.  Because I almost always have my phone on me, I know that I will have a clear Gospel presentation right on my phone.  Also, since the Gospel is laid out so clearly, I can confidently share my faith with others.

2 – The app is a pleasant attention getter

You might be sitting down at a coffee shop, standing in line for groceries, or riding on a bun to work and the Lord leads you to talk to people about spiritual matters.  You can say, ” Hey, I have this really great app that talks about eternity, can I show it to you?”  People like visuals and as you go through the steps, there are images with verses along with bullet points, all laid out beautifully for you to share.  What an exciting way to grab people’s attention so you can share with them God’s eternal truth.

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3 – The app is simple, and easy to use

The Gospel App can be used by a brand new Christian, or a veteran soul-winner alike.  It takes the person step by step through the gospel message, telling you what to say with supporting Bible passages for the lost person to read themselves.  It is written using easy to follow bullet points and flows very nicely.  If you are shy and timid, you can actually simple just read it step-by-step and after you are done, you can be confident that you have given that person the entire Gospel.

4 – The app is free

Sometimes while witnessing, you might get interrupted abruptly or they may want some time to think about what you have said.  The nice about an app like this is that they can download it for themselves.  Later on, when they are alone, they can reflect on the verses and the Holy Spirit’s prodding using the app and discover God’s amazing grace.  If they get saved, now they have a tool to share the Gospel with their own friends and family!

5 – The app can be used for discipleship

After Christians are converted, there is an excitement to learn truth from the Word of God.  The app can be a great entry level tool to help train Christian’s to share their faith with others.  You could have a small class where a teacher explains how they have used the app, and they can go through it step by step with the students guiding them on how to share the Gospel with anyone.

In Conclusion

I am so happy to announce this new App and I hope that you download it today and share it with everyone you know.  Our team has spent a lot of time and effort putting this tool together, and we wan’t all Christians to be able to benefit from it.  If you enjoy it, it would help us a lot if you would rate the app and leave a review in the app stores.  These are exciting times to be living – let’s use every means to tell everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Click one of the links below to get to the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

You can also search for The Gospel App or Liberty Baptist Media in each store to find it as well.

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One way we can get the word out about the app is with you sharing this page, and rating the app in their respective App Stores!  Please let us know what you think about it.

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The Gospel App



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