Christmas is all about Jesus Christ

December 14, 2014, will be an exciting day here at Liberty Baptist Church. On that day, we will celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ by presenting a musical celebration entitled, “The Ultimate Gift.” We want to remind the world of the real meaning of  Christmas. The word Christmas means “the coming forth of Christ.”  The word Christ means “the sent One from God.” Throughout the Old Testament, the Bible prophesied that Jesus Christ would come. In Isaiah 9:6, God’s Word describes the soon to be born King as a Counsellor and a Prince of Peace. Isaiah 7:14 tells us that a virgin would conceive and bear a son and call his name Emmanuel, and in Matthew 1:23, we are told that Emmanuel means “God with us.”

It is an amazing thing to think that as Mary looked down at the face of her baby she was looking into the face of Almighty God. That is why at Liberty Baptist Church and all over the world, people celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This past week, a dear Christian lady wrote me a letter asking me a question that I am asked almost every year.

Let me read you a portion of the letter…
“I have been attending your church for about a month or more now, and I just had a few questions on your beliefs about celebrating the Holidays. My husband does not believe in celebrating Christmas, Halloween, and Easter due to its pagan roots. He says, ‘Why should we celebrate Jesus’ birth on a day that we know is not His birthday?’…He says that on that day, everyone worships Santa. I was raised in a Christian home, always celebrating the Holidays and after researching everything I don’t know what to think or believe. Is it wrong to have children believe in Santa and to put up a Christmas tree? What do the Scriptures say? How did you and your family celebrate the Holidays and what do you believe?”

When I first got saved, many people told me that they did not celebrate Christmas. I heard that it did have pagan roots. I was told that throughout history, the Catholic church tried to “Christian-ize” pagan holidays and in so doing invented Christmas, Easter, and other Holidays that we celebrate. It cannot be denied that some of the traditions that are associated with Christmas have pagan roots, but it also cannot be denied that Jesus Christ was born. That is a historic fact. It is also true that we do not know the exact date of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. My thoughts are that one date is as good as another. Some speculate that He was actually born in April. Others believe that He was born in the midst of October. Others have gone to great length to prove that Jesus had to be born in the month of December because it is during the season that even today, shepherds are out in the fields watching over the flocks by night.
Frankly, I do not know the answer to that question. But, again, I know that Jesus Christ was born and I believe, Scripturally, it is right to celebrate His birth.

I hope you come back next week to read more of why Christmas is all about Jesus Christ!

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