Why do I Witness?

In Luke 6:46, Jesus asks a very direct and convicting question.  If He really is our Lord then why are we not obedient to Him? People ask, “Why do you make such a big deal about witnessing?” The answer is Jesus said to witness. I think that Mark 16:15  should be reason enough. The word lord means …

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11 Life Lessons from Moses and Aaron

The Bible is filled with fascinating characters. From Exodus to Deuteronomy, Moses and Aaron are prominent figures. They have interaction with many different personalities. Let us learn some lessons from these people.  Let us examine these lessons.

Lessons from Giants – Part 1

From Genesis 25-50, we are introduced two primary figures – Jacob and Joseph. These men lived very colorful lives. From their lives, we can learn several important lessons. Let’s look at them and what their lives teach us. 

God and Sin City

This past week, I had an opportunity to do something that I have never done in thirty-six years. I was able to visit four different ministries in the Valley. This allowed me to have the freedom to visit a few churches that we had a little part in helping get started. It was such a …

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