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As a parent, do you ever worry that it may be impossible in today’s culture to raise children who love God?

In 1977, I moved to Las Vegas to plant a church in the city where I grew up. Among all the “usual” fears, questions, and concerns a young couple beginning ministry together would experience, my wife an I also grappled with questions related to raising a family in the place infamously known as “Sin City.” Well-meaning friends even cautioned against it. But we knew this was God’s leading in our lives. We saw a city with people who needed Christ, and we knew that if God’s principles for raising children were true, they could work anywhere — even in Sin City.
What you will discover in these pages are Bible principles for reaching a child’s heart and building a strong family even in a challenging culture.

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Do Babies Go to Heaven?

I am often asked the question, what happens to babies when they die.  Do they go to Heaven?  Well, before I can answer that, we must understand that the Bible teaches about salvation.  I think Paul (under inspiration of the Holy Spirit) put it best in the following...

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Capitalism, Communism, and the Christian

Personal Disclaimer: "The article you are about to read is my personal opinion and should not be taken to reflect the opinion of Liberty Baptist Church." “An economic system characterized by a free market for goods and services and private control of production and...

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Want to Have a Radio Ministry? Come to SLC2016 (Video)

This past year, God has allowed our church to start a low powered FM station in Las Vegas called Experience Liberty Radio 101.1FM.  (Available 24/7 in the Las Vegas area and on the web at KVXL101.com.)  When we started putting the programming together we contacted...

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The Christian’s Response To Civil Government

In my last blog post concerning the Christian & Civil Government, I wrote about seven basic principles that God’s Word teaches Christians about their responsibility to human government. Today I want to examine these principals in light of our position as citizens of the United State of America.

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The Christian & Civil Government – Part 1

If this is true, then what is our relationship to Civil Government. How are we to respond to those in authority and those who govern us? In the next few posts, I want to take a closer look at our responsibilities as Christian’s and the role Civil Government plays in our lives.

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For 40 years, I have had the privilege of pastoring the wonderful people at Liberty Baptist Church in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am honored that you have chosen to visit my blog, and I hope you find the resources beneficial to your walk with God.